Founder/President & Breakthrough Presenter

Fred Jealous has been actively involved in men’s work for over 30 years, as a teacher, and as a workshop organizer, leader, and consultant. He has spent the last 25 years as founder and director of the Breakthrough Men’s Community workshop and community. To date, over 1,500 men have been through this workshop.

Prior to this, he spent many years as a teacher at all levels from preschool to graduate school. Locally, he taught Social Science courses and developed programs for veterans in transition, at Monterey Peninsula College. He created Monterey County’s first Men’s Alternatives to Violence Program, and he chaired the statewide coalition of alternatives to violence programs. He founded the local chapter of the National Coalition Building Institute, an organization that does workshops on reducing prejudice and claiming pride in our heritage. Over 10,000 people have participated in workshops this chapter has led . For two years, he was a facilitator for the Institute on the Healing of Racism. He has appeared on local and national television as an expert on men’s issues.

Fred’s main interest is in developing leadership for human liberation and community building.

Fred has been married to Ann Todd Jealous, a marriage and family counselor, for 46 years and they have two grown children, Lara and Benjamin and three grandchildren, Nina, Morgan and Jackson.


Executive Director & Breakthrough Presenter

Lee Garland was a graduate of Fred’s Options workshop in 1991, and has been involved in men’s liberation work since 1989. He has been leading Breakthrough workshops since 1994. He is a ReEvaluation Counseling Teacher, been a Men’s Alternatives to Violence counselor, worked with David Schiffman on the Northstar Men’s Project, is an intern with the Human Awareness Institute and has studied Effective Communication with Selwa Said.

Lee is also the Executive Director for Breakthrough.

He weaves song, humor and insight in his work with men in the Breakthrough workshops and loves to see the transformation in the hearts and minds of men. He is a songwriter, married since 1981, is a father of 3 girls (grown women now), and grandfather of 2 boys.


Breakthrough Presenter

Tom Lee graduated the Options workshop with Fred Jealous in 1990, and has been working on leadership teams since the first Breakthrough groups. His wit, energy and joy of life are some of the things he brings to his leadership.

Tom is currently the presenter for ongoing support for Breakthrough 1 & 2 graduates.


Breakthrough Presenter

John Eric has been involved in Breakthrough since 2005 and has become one of our most dynamic and caring presenters. He is a minister, has a Ph.D. in education and is the founder of Pre-Cognitive Re-Education. His passion for the Breakthrough work is evident in his teaching which is enriched by the depth of his experience.


Breakthrough Presenter

Ken Jenvey began his journey with the Breakthrough Men’s Community in 1999. He has been a member of numerous leadership teams, including the Blue Shield Foundation study team in 2006, and stepped into the role of presenter in 2010. Ken is passionate about helping men live more fulfilling lives. He has studied Effective Communication with Selwa Said and participated in several workshops with David Richo. He is an advocate for loss and grief support and brings empathy from direct experiences with death, including a spouse, a brother, and both parents. Ken and his wife Valerie are active participants in the Non Violent Communication community, are students in A Course In Miracles, and live a spiritual life according to the teaching of Abraham and the Laws of Attraction. Ken teaches from the heart and shares his own experiences as an example of how the principles of Breakthrough apply to every day life.


Breakthrough Presenter

Danny Krueger is a 2008 graduate of the Breakthrough Workshop and is a Sustainability / Energy Efficiency industry professional, working as Director of Sales for a Silicon Valley firm. Danny is a triathlete, car collector, amateur race driver, bird hunter, dog lover, wine enthusiast, philosopher and raconteur. He enjoys a thriving 20 marriage and has two children.


Breakthrough Presenter

Tony Brigantino is an engaging and charismatic presenter with a special knack for using real life examples to help demonstrate the Breakthrough material. He is an adventurous, fun loving man with a zesty view of life.

Tony first learned about Breakthrough from a teenager who had introduced her stepfather to the program. The free intro-night proved to be a beacon for Tony upon hearing these promises, “Breakthrough will provide you with the tools to become a better listener, better husband and better father.” These tools indeed helped Tony become a better listener, better father for his four adult children, and better husband. His wife Christina says “Breakthrough taught Tony how to love”. 

Since 2009 he has continually participated in active roles within the Breakthrough community as self-led group member, Ally, Small Group Leader, Site Committee member, Workshop Coordinator, and his current role as Presenter in Training..

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