Effective Communication Workshop


Effective Communication Workshop

from 130.00

We all communicate every day. 

Ever noticed that you walk away from many exchanges either incomplete, upset or not heard. The tools we'll learn in this workshop will literally change your life for the better. Imagine never having to feel like you're cornered or overwhelmed by anyone or knowing how to listen so that those around you really feel heard. What if arguing or enduring were no longer a part of your life?

These Effective Communication Tools are truly golden and can be used for a lifetime.

The 1st Saturday introduces communication and relationship building skills with spouse, parent, child, friend, employer and employee offering alternatives to conflict. 

The 2nd Saturday enhances and internalizes the skills. We’ll learn how to assert needs through “I” statements, set limits, negotiate to agreement, diffuse criticism and have the opportunity to practice and reinforce the new skills through roleplaying. 

(Supporter discount applies to supporters & their partners). All pricing is per person.

If you have any questions or need help with the registration process, contact Lee Garland at 831-402-4303 or liber8lee@gmail.com.