Author of How To Be An Adult In Love

David Richo, PhD, MFT, is a psychotherapist, teacher, workshop leader, and writer who works in Santa Barbara and San Francisco California. He combines Jungian, poetic, and mythic perspectives in his work with the intention of integrating the psychological and the spiritual. His books and workshops include attention to Buddhist and Christian spiritual practices.

Much of Breakthrough’s practices are based on David’s 5As: Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection, Allowing


Breakthrough Presenter

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Lee Garland was a graduate of Fred’s Options workshop in 1991, and has been involved in men’s liberation work since 1989. He has been leading Breakthrough workshops since 1994. He is a ReEvaluation Counseling Teacher, been a Men’s Alternatives to Violence counselor, worked with David Schiffman on the Northstar Men’s Project, is an intern with the Human Awareness Institute and has studied Effective Communication with Selwa Said.

He weaves song, humor and insight in his work with men in the Breakthrough workshops and loves to see the transformation in the hearts and minds of men. He is a songwriter, married since 1981, is a father of 3 girls (grown women now), and grandfather of 2 boys.


Breakthrough Presenter


Tony Brigantino is an engaging and charismatic presenter with a special knack for using real life examples to help demonstrate the Breakthrough material. He is an adventurous, fun loving man with a zesty view of life.

Tony first learned about Breakthrough from a teenager who had introduced her stepfather to the program. The free intro-night proved to be a beacon for Tony upon hearing these promises, “Breakthrough will provide you with the tools to become a better listener, better husband and better father.” These tools indeed helped Tony become a better listener, better father for his four adult children, and better husband. His wife Christina says “Breakthrough taught Tony how to love”. 

Since 2009 he has continually participated in active roles within the Breakthrough community as self-led group member, Ally, Small Group Leader, Site Committee member, Workshop Coordinator. Tony's current role is Workshop Presenter.


Breakthrough Presenter


John’s Breakthrough experience began as a participant in 1994. Ever since then, he has avidly supported the evolution of the program in a variety of ways, serving regularly on workshop leadership teams, learning and sharing peer counseling techniques, and introducing the community to useful neuroscience principles and mindfulness practices. Diamond Heart, Medicine Wheel, Focusing, Internal Family Systems, Hakomi, and Vipassana meditation have all influenced his understanding of the facilitation of personal transformation. He conducts weekly drop-in groups where participants can experience mindful self-inquiry by using a technique technique called Focusing.

During his 25 year long career as a forensic pathologist John became all too familiar with the tragic circumstances of how so many men die, so discovering what brings men alive has been especially gratifying. Much of his energy in retirement has also been channeled into creating unique forms of word-art that symbolically convey many of the Breakthrough principles and practices, examples of which are displayed on the walls of the Breakthrough Center. All of his work, including books, journal blog, poetry and other resources can be viewed at www.JohnHain.com.


Breakthrough Presenter


Larry Kingsland came into Breakthrough in 2006 and has been actively involved in leadership since 2007. He has served as Ally, Small Group Leader, Coordinator, and Presenter for Breakthrough workshops in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. Larry serves on the Breakthrough Board of Directors and is a member of the Breakthrough Workshop Leadership Council.

With a background of rich and diverse experience, Larry embodies his passion for life, love and connection. Currently retired, he is dedicated to helping men rediscover their value, their love and their wholeness.


Breakthrough Presenter

Stuart is a 2008 graduate of the Breakthrough for Men program, and has been working continuously on leadership teams since 2010.  Stuart once described his initial fears about Breakthrough and the program’s potential impact on his life as follows:


“As an attorney, I was worried that if I went through the program I would lose my “edge” and my effectiveness in my profession.  You know, anecdotal evidence indicates that lots of attorneys are, to use polite language,  “jerks”, and I thought 'if this program makes me all warm and fuzzy, people are going to walk all over me.'  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  The program improved the overall quality of my life, not just in my profession, but in so many ways.  It unquestionably made me a better husband to my wife of now 25+ years and a better father to my four children (2 boys and 2 girls).  I discovered that the “jerks,” more often than not, are folks without a lot of self-esteem on board.  My own improved sense of self-worth has given me the confidence to take control of my life in ways I never before thought possible, and to excel both personally and professionally. Overall my life is so much richer and satisfying because of Breakthrough.”

One of Stuart’s strengths as a presenter is his ability to provide direct and easily understandable explanations of the Breakthrough concepts and how they apply to everyday life.  These are life tools that really work and that have made a difference in countless men’s lives.  Stuart finds great satisfaction in making these tools accessible to men from all walks of life who stand to benefit from the program. 




Fred Jealous founded Breakthrough in 1987. Fred has retired from active participation at Breakthrough and enjoys gardening, reading and writing. Prior to Breakthrough, he spent many years as a teacher at all levels from preschool to graduate school. Locally, he taught Social Science courses and developed programs for veterans in transition, at Monterey Peninsula College. He created Monterey County’s first Men’s Alternatives to Violence Program, and he chaired the statewide coalition of alternatives to violence programs. He founded the local chapter of the National Coalition Building Institute, an organization that does workshops on reducing prejudice and claiming pride in our heritage.