In a survey of recent Breakthrough participants, men said:

100%: Breakthrough is life changing,

92%: lifesaving,

92%: relationship saving.

They went on to say:

·       For me, Breakthrough was a venue to spend time every week to work on being a better man, and everything that goes with that. I AM a better man and my life has drastically improved because of it. Along the way I also built a community of friends - brothers - I expect to have for life. If it was in my power, Breakthrough would be required for every man. Thank you, Breakthrough! 


Thanks to Breakthrough, I am:
A better man
A better partner
A better father
A better friend, better member of my community, better friend to myself
I have more real support than I ever thought possible - with no strings attached.
I've learned to love myself, welcome my emotions and develop strong connections with other men.
I am able to be my authentic self
I am more at peace with myself and no longer feel so alone.
I am part of a caring community
I wake up each morning knowing I am enough, and I am lovable. I don't need to do anything to prove it. What a relief!

All would recommend Breakthrough for:

  1. Self-Esteem / Personal Growth

  2. Unhappy and/or Unfulfilled in My Life

  3. Relationship Difficulties

  4. I React Instead of Communicate

The top three reasons Breakthrough brothers say they came to Breakthrough are:

  1. Relationship Difficulties

  2. Self-Esteem / Personal Growth

  3. Unhappy with / Unfulfilled in My Life

The top three benefits Breakthrough brothers say they got from Breakthrough are:

  1. Self-Esteem / Personal Growth

  2. Isolation / Connection

  3. Relationship Difficulties