This is an interactive educational workshop for all men who want to reclaim a fuller sense of who they are in relationship to themselves, others and their dreams. We will assist each other to think well of ourselves, heal and move on. We will support each man to work at his unique pace.

As we move forward together, learning to trust ourselves and each other more, we will bring more love, creative energy, possibilities, commitment and joy to our lives, the lives of the women, children and other men close to us, to our community and to the world.


After the Breakthrough workshop is completed, the men have the option to participate in a nine week class called "Moving Forward,"  in which participants are trained in listening skills with the desired result in becoming peer co-counselors for each other. Afterwards, weekly self led groups called "Staying Connected"  present the opportunity for the men to custom tailor their experience for their own personal needs, whether it is doubling down on what they have already learned or focusing on other related topics. Here, men can address “what’s up”. When we become charged, we are reacting in the present from the past. This is a sign: “More work ahead”. Rather than focusing on how to cope better when charged, the magic of Breakthrough is the ability we have to be reprogrammed so that we no longer have that button others can push.

Often, out of gratitude, those in the "Staying Connected" self led groups choose to assist on leadership teams for the upcoming workshop participants as they launch their journeys.