“I got my life back and got straight on how my childhood really affected me.”

Anonymous Breakthrough Graduate

“Where do I start? The value of all the tools in Breakthrough have helped me become closer to my family especially my daughter... I have learned how to find my solutions.”

Scott Farney - Breakthrough Graduate


Every man that walks through my door is a candidate for Breakthrough. The Breakthrough Workshop accomplishes more than I could ever begin to provide in my private practice. I am grateful to have the opportunity to refer to such a reputable organization.”

Nancy Cahalan - MFT

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Breakthrough men. They arrive with an understanding of the past and its effect on them as well as a number of good tools. We get to start from there.”

Maren Martin - LCSW



Breakthrough is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 to provide men with skills to free themselves from non-productive, painful, or abusive aspects of their lives. Breakthrough was created by Fred Jealous, a community leader and teacher, and has empowered hundreds of men to begin to create the lives they’ve always wanted.

Each year, 80 to 120 men complete the Breakthrough Workshop. At least 40% of those men come to us through therapist referrals. Our workshop is well respected among the community of local therapists.