Breakthrough is a community of men dedicated to making real lasting change in the quality of men’s lives.

Breakthrough was created by Fred Jealous, a community leader and teacher, and has empowered hundreds of men to begin to create the lives they have always wanted. Breakthrough is a non-profit organization founded and created in 1987 by Fred Jealous to provide men with skills to free themselves from non-productive, painful, or abusive aspects of their lives.

For each Breakthrough graduate, this includes gaining the ability to eliminate negative self-images, and to take control of anger, fear, addictions, shame, and hopelessness. Breakthrough graduates discover their true power as men, and begin to realize their full potential as fathers, husbands, partners, friends, and as leaders. This is accomplished in a way which respects and honors each man’s uniqueness and personal history, as well as that of the other people in their lives.

The Breakthrough program offers all of this in a supportive group-learning setting in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. Breakthrough provides a resource for men who want to reassess and enhance the direction of their lives.

To create community by championing the full humanity and gifts of all men and women.
— Our vision

Our Mission

The Breakthrough Men’s Community empowers all men to participate fully and confidently in building deeply meaningful relationships and connected lives. The Breakthrough workshop is a guided, life-changing exploration where we work together, hands-on, to tackle the challenges all men face. The foundation of this is the Breakthrough Men’s Community education program. The natural extension of this commitment brings us to:

  • Promote clear and positive thinking about ourselves, others, and the world.

  • Celebrate uniqueness and break free from restrictive rules imposed by society.

  • Create community support systems and encourage all people to act as leaders, allies, and advocates.

  • Act in conjunction with other like-missioned organizations.